15 Best Romantic Restaurants in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

Presents, words of love, special excursions — nothing finishes Valentine’s Day just like a romantic dinner for just the two of you.

A romantic dinner in Dubai might appear to be a cakewalk, taking into consideration the number of alternatives offered, and we understand your confusion amounts are mounting. That’s the reason — we provide you with the list in no specific order- of the 15 finest restaurants in Dubai to create your Valentine’s Day meal extra special. 


Pierchic the luxury Mediterranean fish restaurant is dispersed across a dock mounted a couple of meters to the sea and attached to the mainland by way of a bridge. The resort stands surrounded by the ocean on all sides and provides a stunning view of the Burj Al Arab. The restaurant is available for both lunch and dinner, but we recommend making your Valentine’s Day a very special one. Following sunset, the restaurant and the adjacent bridge lit with gold lamps result in a gorgeous sight. 

The glistening waters of the ocean lapping in the bottoms of this pier is a reassuring noise you and your loved one will love in the Pierchic.  

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Think about spending your Valentine’s day in a floating restaurant? Whether this notion of supper appears perfect for you personally, Dhow Cruise Dubai is the place to be. Standing out at the line of ships in the Dubai creek, this amazing floating restaurant features trendy interiors and functions one of the finest assortments of international cuisines, both sausage, and vegetarian. The service is warm and considerate and occasionally makes you feel like you’re in a 5-star resort. Do take your love to get a delicious meal on your special day to earn a perfect feeling. 

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Say hello to the planet’s highest restaurant. At.mosphere is perched on the 123rd flooring of this planet’s tallest building — the Burj Khalifa. Prior reservation using a fee is imperative to dine at At.mosphere. The view in the restaurant is only magnificent, especially after sundown; one can observe all Dubai glittering beneath lit by glowing lights. At.mosphere functions some fantastic beef and sweet desserts. This Valentine’s Day take your loved one to your magnificent view as well as the delicious food in At.mosphere. Although the location is expensive, as soon as you see, you may realize it’s totally worthwhile.

101 dining lounge and bar

This starry, elegant waterside spot is guaranteed to create your special day more wonderful. One hundred one provides a committed sense of comfort with views of the water all over. With a lot of open space, decorated with large fashion furniture, the area provides you an elevated awareness of sofa experience. The menu is mostly European, however, has a Spanish signature to it. Even the waiters are well versed with all the flavor of meals and so assist you in producing a perfect option. Do not forget to try out the Spanish dish of caramelized sweet onions, Calcotada, and not to overlook the Chicken Chorizo. 

The Shore

Treat your loved one into an incomparable adventure on The Shore. The restaurant is situated on the pristine sandy beach of Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah. Tuck to a four-course meal accompanied by champagne above the calming sounds of the waves lapping at the beach. Gorgeous views of Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, and also the Jumeirah coastline adorn the Perspective in The Shore. 

Maui Beach Bar

Dine-in personal cabanas on the Dubai Marina with just character for a company in the Maui Beach Bar. Have a walk mid-meal hand-in-hand on the beach with your special person or simply delight in the celestial food on your desk. End your night together with all the delicious rose bonbon specially created for you personally — the love birds.

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Anantara Dubai, the Beach House

This record keeps becoming more romantic! Dine-in The Beach with your very own private section of this beach! Enjoy delicious fresh fish paired with champagne and served with your personal service too. 

BiCE Mare

Besides this, Bice Mare, the Dubai Fountains dancing, sing, twirl, and also tell a tale of classic love. Spend Valentine’s Day in BiCE Mare, and you won’t be sorry. Located directly next to the fabulous fountains, the restaurant is a favorite because of its Valentine’s special fish. To make matters extra hot, book a patio seating overlooking the majestic Burj Khalifa. 

Majlis Al Bahar

Give your valentine a cure that is incredible for all of the senses. The Majlis Al-Bahar is one of its type eatery set against the background of the planet’s most luxury 7-star resorts Burj Al Arab. If you’re fast, you may have the ability to reserve the special table at the beach with the most simplistic yet from this entire world setting. Offering views of the powerful Burj Al Arab and the glittering sea, in Majlis Al Bahar, you’re guaranteed to impress your love. Enjoy the delicious portions of sweet concoctions, sumptuous appetizers, a principal creative course, and also a fitting dessert in the end to finish your ideal evening. 

Personal Terrace Floor 42

The seats and ceremony at Personal Terrace are exceptional, and the setup is similar to a theater where a romantic scenery is going to unfold. There are just 4 tables for two on the 42nd-floor terrace of this Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai. Each table includes a personal host and a breathtaking perspective of the Burj as well as the Dubai city. Enjoy wine, champagne for each course of the meal over soft candlelight, and the business of only each other. 


Having a lazy sea outside and the amazing drifting’ Majlis,’ taking your spouse to Eauzone might just be an ideal way to impress her and make your day a success. The very 1st thing that strikes you about Eauzone is your gorgeous laminated wooden inside, which stands out in its own manner. As the evening falls, the area dazzles from the shady magnificence of the smart lights installed. Serving contemporary cuisine with a special Asian spin, Eauzone is going to be adored by your spouse if he’s a chocolate lover. Yes, Eauzone serves a number of their most amazing wealthy and crispy dual chocolate tarts along with a white chocolate sorbet and caramel chocolate sauce.

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Mint Leaf of London

This location redefines love and contains a completely new set of methods for you two charmed. Having a jaw-dropping view of the Dubai skyline, Mint Leaf of London makes for a great romantic place. Rose petals, soulful candles, music, and live entertainment fill your day. Every one of the dishes packs a punch and can be a cure for your taste buds that are tired. 

Sea Fu

A stunning private beach extends, a gorgeous sunset and delicious meals await you in your own Valentine’s Day. Sea Fu allows you to celebrate your special day with exotic drinks and a whole lot more. The food is an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and Asian and leaves quite an impression on a sense of taste. And to grow your love quotient, Sea Fu includes a live opera singer! 

Pai Thai

Once it comes to places, Pai Thai is a place you can’t ignore. Place in the waterways of the Al Qasr resort, the outside wooden deck seats make for a perfect place to soak in the calm and tranquil view. The sumptuous Thai cuisine adds to your experience because the menu is one of Dubai’s most exquisitely organized and offers meals that are difficult to find anywhere else. While at Pai, Thai, do not forget to try out the squid money luggage and deep-fried shrimps. If you cannot decide what to purchase for the primary course, trust about the poultry and mixed veg wok-fried glass noodles along with crispy duck with palm sauce, then you cannot beat the flavor. 


We have kept the best for the past on this listing! The guests in Ossiano are directed down to a flight of stairs to go into a dining room surrounded by enormous aquariums teeming with lovely fish and marine resides. The gorgeous setting and delicious food compete with each other to attention. You may often find singers and bands performing reside here. Ossiano is romantic and enjoyable. It serves delicious European-style fish and certainly will result in a memorable Valentine’s night outside.

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